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2005 Freightliner Bomb Truck , 35,000 miles , 800 PTO Generator hours

Preliminary listing, coming soon. Call Steve Goodyear , Vice President of Sales 614-206-3986

2007 H3-45 Prevost, Double Slide, Executive Coach

Call Steve Goodyear, Vice President of Sales - 614.206.3986 , for more information on availability, being sold as is


-Two AM/FM laydown antenna’s (stereo)

-One In-Motion system (television)

-One CB antenna-Custom Coach ID plates

-Porch light for entrance door

-50’ 50 amp shoreline (Hubbel connector)

-Aluminum wheels

-Camera for back-up monitor

-Hadley air horns (2)

-Driving lights (on shell)

-Docking lights (on shell)

-Awnings/two curbside (20’)

-Awning housing streetside (40’)

-Front and rear awning ferrings (4)




-Four gell-cell house batteries with plastic trays

-4000W true sine-wave inverter/ 120 AMP charger with remote

-One (1) 100A Ventron battery equalizer

-One (1) 75A DC-DC converter

-Battery tie-in relay

-Three battery disconnect switches

-One (1) 50A and one (1) 100A automatic power transfer switches

-Power Tech 25KW generator on vibration absorbing airbags

-Special enclosed generator “huju box”

Special acoustical package for motor generator- extra quiet

-1/2 HP Air compressor (quiet model) with air hose

-Generator junction box

-One (1) generator battery, dry cell



-Four (4) 120VAC ceramic heaters with remote [...]

Call Steve Goodyear VP of Sales 614-206-3986

Large Featherlite Trailer Ready for Delivery, Mobile Command, Classroom, Medical

Please Contact Steve Goodyear Vice President 614-206-3986 for more detailed information

Single Expandable 2017 Featherlite

48′ Featherlite Single Expandable trailer for sale! Ideal for mobile museum, Mobile classroom, Demonstration trailer. 2017 Featherlite Single Expandable Trailer feature onboard HVAC and 40 kw generator. 48′ trailer, has a passenger side slide out that extend out to a depth of approximately 7′ and has a length of approximately 31′. The trailer features 3 points of entry. The main entries are at each end of the slide out. There is also an access door on the nose on the driver side of the trailer. The trailer has ample power with a 40-kw generator mounted on the nose of the trailer.

This trailer is ideal for almost any application due to the traffic flow created by the 2 points of egress. The current configuration would also support use as mobile showroom for b2b marketing tours, a mobile classroom, or mobile command center. This trailer is available today! 2017 48′ Featherlite Single [...]

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